Weight Loss Wins: Weight Loss Success Stories and Transformations

I only did this initially because my husband has serious heart disease and he was convinced it would save his life. As a Helper, I felt compelled to do what I could to make him successful. Turns out I was helping myself too!Nancy Berry (Type 2 Helper)
My wife was by my side the whole time. We did this together. With both of us we conquered each transition.Doug Schmidt (Type 2 Helper)
I began doubling every dinner recipe to be sure there were leftovers for lunchMatt Buckner (Type 3 Achiever)
I tell myself tomorrow is a new day and a new opportunity to learn and improve.Dick Hawks (Type 3 Achiever)
If I could go back, I would say, “don’t second guess yourself, and trust in the process.”
Ali Hallinan (Type 6 Loyalist)

Turn Your Habits Into Strengths

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