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Vegan Diet Personality Types

How to Motivate Yourself, and Convince Others to go on a Vegan Diet! 

Magritte Son of Man Apple Face Vegetable ArtMom has been telling you to eat your vegetables since you were a little kid, right? Well, by knowing your Personality Type eating more vegetables is easy! Don’t believe it? Read on to see why each of the 9 Personality Types Go Vegan. You know it’s healthy, but how do you convince yourself to change?

Experience a Vegan Diet Transformation and Live a Longer, Healthier, Medication-Free Life!

Have you been thinking about losing weight? Do you, or does someone you love, have serious health problems related to carrying too much body weight? Problems such as diabetes, heart disease, or severe knee and back pain. Have you considered changing but can’t find the motivation? Do you know you need to eat more vegetables but worry that going vegan would be too extreme? Well, your solution is to read Dr. Scott Mark Harrington’s Vegan Diet Personality Types and choose your Type! The answer is knowing the source of your inner motivations and fears. Once these motivators are triggered, then you will be ready to become a new healthy you.

These Vegan Diet Personality Types and Reasons to Go Vegan are based on Enneagram Personality Types. Can you find your reason to Go Vegan?

1. Type One — Go Vegan for Justice! Enneagram Type Ones Go Vegan to eat pure guilt-free food, and feel that they have chosen the “perfect” diet. They want to be an activist through their food, and to stay guilt free while they eat. (Read more why Type Ones Go Vegan) 

2. Type Two — Go Vegan For Love! Enneagram Type Twos Go Vegan to eat right while saving the lives of animals. They want to stop animal cruelty, to give the gift of health to others with tasty & healthy meals, and stay healthy for their family. (Read more why Type Twos Go Vegan)

3. Type Three — Go Vegan For Success! Enneagram Type Threes Go Vegan because it is the shortcut to looking good and being fit. They want a “fast lane” to health, to tap into the “fountain of youth,”  and to avoid mediocrity. (Read more why Type Threes Go Vegan)

4. Type Four — Go Vegan For Identity! Enneagram Type Fours Go Vegan because they want to be creative with their food. They want to stay in touch with and be true to themselves. Type Fours want to be unique, and also to avoid negative energy that comes with animal foods. (Read more why Type Fours Go Vegan)

5. Type Five — Go Vegan for The Mind!  Enneagram Type Fives Go Vegan because it is an efficient path to health, it’s practical, it keep their mind sharp, and it staves off Alzheimer’s. (Read more why Type Fives Go Vegan)

6. Type Six — Go Vegan For Security! Enneagram Type Sixes Go Vegan in order to start a new tradition of health in their lives. They want to increase predictability and security in their life. They want to be dependable and be self-insured against disease. (Read more why Type Sixes Go Vegan)

7. Type Seven — Go Vegan For Freedom! Enneagram Type Sevens Go Vegan to open up a world of new dining possibilities and yet also gain freedom from watching their portion sizes. They demand to have fun while being healthy. They want to stay happy, energetic and be the life of the party. They Go Vegan to easily shrug off weight. (Read more why Type Sevens Go Vegan)

8. Type Eight — Go Vegan For Strength! Enneagram Type Eights Go Vegan to live “Plant Strong.” They want to reclaim their vitality and energy. They want to dominate the scene and be respected. They want to avoid being weakened and controlled. (Read more why Type Eights Go Vegan)

9. Type Nine — Go Vegan for Peace! Enneagram Type Nines Go Vegan to increase the peace and harmony in their lives.  They want to gain a lightness of being and eat healthy foods without changing others. They want to avoid burdening others with their illnesses or weight. (Read more why Type Nines Go Vegan)
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Written By Scott Mark Harrington D.O. and Chris Sansbury August 2013

Vegan diet Personality Types

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