Vegan Diet for Enneagram Type Two

Enneagram Type Twos Go Vegan for Love

Eat Right, Save a Life

Stop Animal Cruelty, One Bite at a TimeVegan Type Two

Have you ever wondered where your food comes from? If you are like most people then you don’t think about the life lived by the animal who you are eating. Ask yourself this question,  “If I had to slaughter this animal or milk it myself, would I continue to consume meat and dairy?” 

Right now if your diet includes meat, you contribute to the more than 45 million animals that are killed worldwide each year for food. That means that in the United States, 31 land animals per year are slaughtered for each meat-eater (according to USDA’s National Agricultural Statistics Service).

If only that were all, but the life these animals live until the day they are painfully slaughtered is one filled with fear, putrid stench, darkness, and overcrowding. Animals are snatched from their parents at birth, debeaked, dehorned, castrated, and forced to live in their own excrement until the day of their death. The saddest part of this carnage is the fact that proteins obtained from animals are unhealthy and lead to a premature death from heart disease, obesity, diabetes and cancer.  

Give Health To Others with Tasty and Healthy Meals

No, face it, you don’t want these animals who have families, desire connection and can feel pain, just as you do, to suffer and die so you can eat. Especially when you can get better, safer nutrition from plants.  You don’t want the food that you feed your family to support such cruelty or to be unhealthy for them. Instead you want to feed your family meals that are filled with goodness starting from the time it was grown until the day you lovingly prepare it for them. Serving your family a diet filled with fresh fruits and vegetables, prepared in crafty and creative ways, you will truly be giving them the gift of health.

Stay Healhty For Your Family

You can stop cruelty to animals, one bite at a time. By choosing a vegan diet, you can become a champion of the animals and set an example of the satisfying, healthy life of a vegan. By saving the animals, you will also be saving yourself and be better able serve the ones you love. Start today, build your karma, and gorge without guilt. 

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Written By Scott Mark Harrington D.O. and Chris Sansbury August 2013

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