Vegan Diet for Enneagram Type Six

Enneagram Type Sixes Go Vegan For Security

Reclaim the Tradition of Health

Guidance to Securing a Healthy FutureVegan Type Six

Without your health, you truly have nothing. Though it may be hard to change from what we think of as a traditional “meat and potatoes” diet, a poor diet makes you less secure in the long run. It will cause you to gain weight, your health will decline, and ultimately your body will begin to break down. Your heart will become clogged with cholesterol, making it a ticking time-bomb for a heart attack. Obesity will wreak havoc on your knees, diabetes will cause nerve damage in your legs, and limit your ability to earn a living for your family. 

Self-Insure Yourself Against Disease

A vegan diet is your life-insurance policy. By preventing heart disease, diabetes, obesity, stroke, Alzheimer’s disease and many other ailments, you can show your family that you care about them. And that you want to be around for them as long as you can, even if it involves hard work or sacrifice. 

Improve Dependability and Predictability

You may have tried other ways to stay healthy, but it is difficult to lose weight without going vegan. When you eat meat and cheese it is too easy to consume too many calories. Once you make the switch to a vegan diet you will be cleaning out your body — like flushing the system of a car, you’ll be giving your body a tune-up. It is proven to work and oftentimes it can reverse damage already done in your heart. 

Worldwide meat consumption has increased 20% in the last decade, meaning our high levels of meat consumption and larger portions are not the traditional American diet. Overall, with all you have to worry about, switching to a vegan diet is a small price to pay because peace-of-mind is priceless.

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Written By Scott Mark Harrington D.O. and Chris Sansbury August 2013

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