Vegan Diet for Enneagram Type One

Enneagram Type Ones Go Vegan For Justice

Pure, Guilt Free Food

Eat the “Perfect” DietVegan Type One    

Imagine a life where you are lean and fit, you can eat without guilt, with no portion restrictions, all while purifying your body and making the world a better place. A diet consisting of only plant based food is the key to this life. 

A diet rich in unprocessed plant foods is natural, complete and pure. Unlike meat and dairy sold in our supermarkets, plant food works to cleanse your body and are free from synthetic hormones, harmful antibiotics, saturated fats and cholesterol. A vegan diet is scientifically proven to reduce the risk of heart attack, stroke, diabetes, cancer, osteoporosis, kidney disease, dementia and other diseases. (see “Health Implications of a Vegetarian Diet” by Kate Marsh PhD) By following the simple concept of no meat and dairy, you will lose weight while cleaning your body and ridding it of impurities.  

Stay Guilt Free

Additionally, a vegan diet is so low in calories that you can eat all day long without guilt. Even Weight Watchers assigns no points to most non-starchy raw fruits and vegetables, so you won’t ever have to count calories. Plus there is no need to worry about “slip-ups” or feeling tempted to eat meat because it is a long-term lifestyle change. Once you switch, you dramatically decrease your high calorie intake and your mistakes are washed away by the “tincture of time.”  You will eventually slim down to your ideal weight!

Be an Activist through your Food

Now consider that meat, fish and dairy production are a leading cause of catastrophic deforestation, climate change, antibiotic resistance, species extinction, land disputes, and famine. This problem is so big that many people simply choose to ignore it. Stop being part of the problem. It is your duty to make things right, become an activist with each bite. 

Finally, by remembering the story of the Garden of Eden, we initially lived in a state of perfection, without struggle and without slaughtering animals. Only after being cast out, did Adam and Eve kill animals to survive. Today we have an abundance of fruits and vegetables and even during times of scarcity we never need animal foods to sustain us.

Regain your integrity and eat without guilt — as God meant it. Stop thinking about food — simply eat and enjoy. 

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Links: For full article of “Health Implications of a Vegetarian Diet, google: vegan evidence review medscape, Re: Environmental Footprint, Re: Christian Vegan Reasons (note — is non-denominational)

Written By Scott Mark Harrington D.O. and Chris Sansbury August 2013


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