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Free Enneagram Tests — Take Any of These Free Personality Tests Today and Start Your Transformation

Discover your Personality Type using the Enneagram, a system of 9 Types.  You will want to start with a one of several free Enneagram Tests available online. Then use this site to help you lose weight by choosing a diet that best suits your personality . 

If you would like to try the 36 question Personality Test then click here. It is based off of the Enneagram of Personality and asks questions regarding your relationship with food and exercise.

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Take the Free Enneagram Test and learn which diet best fits your personality type.

Read more about the top scoring Types from your test results by going to the Types Page. 

Enneagram Types, Dietnosis, Enneagram Of Personality

DIETnosis Personality Types

If you need more help deciding, then take other free Enneagram tests to determine your type. There are several available. Try which also has a 36 question test. The website has a 60 question test. One quick visual comparison guide is at the website called the EnneaGraph.

Scott Mark Harrington, D.O.

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9 Types Test

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Similarminds Enneagram Test

Enneagram Spectrum of Personality Styles, Free Enneagram Test, Free Personality Test

Enneagram Spectrum Test

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