Enneagram Types

Types in Color

Type One is principled, self-controlled and reforming, but can also be perfectionistic and judgmental.

Type Two is giving, empathetic and sociable, but can also be co-dependant, self-sacrificing and prideful.

Type Three is adaptable, driven, efficient and charismatic but can also be status seeking, image conscious and compromising.

Type Four is expressive, artistic, and authentic, but can also be sensitive, depressed, entitled and self-absorbed.

Type Five is analytical, intellectual, perceptive and independent but can also be stingy, detached and eccentric.

Type Six is loyal, diligent and stabilizing but can also be suspicious, paralysed, and reactionary.

Type Seven is enthusiastic, fun loving and visionary, but can also be claustrophobic, hedonistic, impulsive and scattered.

Type Eight is powerful, passionate and a true leader, but can also be domineering, vengeful, manipulating and excessive.

Type Nine is easygoing, accepting and reassuring, but can also be unpassionate, complacent, cowardly, self-effacing and distract-able.

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Scott Mark Harrington, D.O.