Dr. Scott Mark Harrington, D.O.


Scott Harrington, D.O.

I am Scott Mark Harrington, D.O., a Family Doctor who promotes health through lifestyle change. Over the years, I experienced how each one of my patients approached their health from a different perspective. After learning about the Enneagram of Personality I helped my patients successfully lose weight through understanding of their personality types.

Then I developed characteristic Eating Types, Exercise Types, and Body Image Types so that my patients could focus quickly on their specific issues. This knowledge was so effective I wanted to share it with not only my patients, but to expand personality based weight loss for everyone through DIETnosis.com — a universal tool for health.

Furthermore, after getting my patients on the path of weight loss, I have found that introducing a whole foods, plant based diet (vegan diet) to be the single most effective lifestyle change for successful and permanent weight loss. Check out this article on Vegan Diet Personality Types which helps convince others to try a whole foods plant based diet.

Scott Mark Harrington, D.O.
Board Certified in Family Medicine since 2006

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