Enneagram Type 5 Diet Strengths and Skills

Enneagram Type 5 Diet Strengths and Skills

Enneagram Type 5 Diet Strengths and Skills

Enneagram Type 5 Diet Strengths:

Intellectual Types – research and experiment to find out what works best

Power Skills (1st Step) for Type 5: Raise Awareness, Decision Matrix and Skill Mastery 

Raise Awareness: Education and  Experimenting: One way to inspire yourself to change is to know that there are benefits of changing and severe consequences of not changing. A key concept for Type Fives and all Types is to increase their awareness about health including the benefits of health and the consequences of poor health. This skill ranges from simple education and consciousness raising to experimenting and seeing if the education given to you is correct. Examples of education is more than simply learning about health in books or on the internet but interviewing friends and family members about their illnesses, talking to your doctor about your current state of health and getting health labs drawn. A good place to start leaning about a healthy lifestyle may include the American Heart Association website.

Decision Matrix: One way to raise you desire to make a change is to write out the pros and cons of a change. Include a chart of the reasons you do not want to change and then a colom for reasons to change. Some of the healthy reasons from  Promoting Exercise and Behavior Change in Older Adults include:

Health/ Prevention: good for my heart, good for my bones, helps control my blood pressure, keeps me from getting sick, helps me recover faster from injury colds and flu, good for my lungs and joints, improves my balance

Stress/ Psychological: helps me sleep, curbs my appetite, helps me relax, good for my mood

Energy/ Vitality/ Strength: gives me energy, helps me think more clearly, keeps me strong

Fun/ Pleasure: gives me something to do, helps me maintain myself as self-sufficient, makes me feel young

Self Esteem/ Self Image: makes me feel good about myself, helps me manage my weight, impresses other people,  makes me self-confident

Family/ Friends: makes me a good role model,lets me spend time with friends

Skill Mastery: If you have been significantly sedentary in your life, then you may not feel confident in your physical self. You may feel that you do not have the skills needed to diet and exercise and you are confronted with the overwhelming problem of weight loss. Complete the following Skill Mastery Exercise and get started today on your path to a healthy weight and a life filled with vitality:

Skill Mastery Exercise:

(1) Write down (or think about) times the past where you learned a skill that changed your perspective or fear about a problem — notice how you have done it many times in the past (examples may include: riding a bike, driving a car, learning how to use the computer, giving a speach et et. ).

(2) List examples of people like you who have learned similar skills. Notice that you have the same ability to accomplish this task.

(3) Start with an Immediate Win: This could be as simple as stopping sodas for the next 48 hours or walking around the block one time after diner. These simple goals will get you thinking “I can” instead of “I can’t” by building your confidence in your ability to meet your physical activity and weight loss goals.

Tips for Enneagram Type 5

Raise Awareness: I have talked with or learned about people who have lost weight and learned what worked for them. (in person or online)

Raise Awareness: I have talked to a health care professional about my weight and learned about the medical benefits of weight loss.

Raise Awareness: I have talked to or know someone who has severe health trouble related to weight to help me understand the consequences of weight.

Raise Awareness: I understand there are many consequences of being overweight…some of which include diabetes, blindness, early death, Alzheimer’s Dementia, joint and back pain, heartburn, and various cancers.

Decision Matrix: Health is a priority for me. I am willing to spend time every day becoming healthier.

Decision Matrix: I believe that being physically fit improves my mental clarity and ability to concentrate.

Decision Matrix: I feel more confident when I eat right and exercise.

Decision Matrix: I feel stronger and more in control when I eat right and exercise than when I am sedentary.

Decision Matrix: Eating right and exercising decreases my stress.

Decision Matrix: Eating right and exercising is good for my long term health.

Decision Matrix: Being physically active can be fun.


Skill Mastery: When starting a new physical activity I look to how I can have a quick win to feel successful early (such as small attainable goal).

Skill Mastery: I participate in and enjoy a hobby that has a physical component.

Skill Mastery: Learning new physical skills is exciting, challenging and rewarding.

Skill Mastery: I believe that sports have a mental aspect as well as a physical aspect.

Skill Mastery: I spend time becoming an expert on health and healthy lifestyle.

Skill Mastery: I have someone I can talk to or a way to express my emotions about my successes and setbacks during my weight loss journey. (emotional outlet)

Skill Mastery: I am keeping track of the lessons that I learn in a journal, log book or spreadsheet.

Skill Mastery: I try different weight loss programs and diets so that I learn for myself what is the best plan.

Skill Mastery: I keep records of my weight and take monthly body composition pictures to help me evaluate my progress.

Skill Mastery: I look for ways to make healthy food convenient and readily available as possible.

Skill Mastery: I look for smart substitutions in what I eat and my daily activities that allow me to change without feeling deprived.

Skill Mastery: I am aware that free food, cheap for or food that is gifted to me still requires that same scrutiny for health as any other meal.

Skill Mastery: I am cautious not to drink unintended calories through sugary caffeinated drinks and I limit high calorie additives like cream and milk in my coffee/tea.


Action Skills (2nd Step): See Type Seven’s DIET Strengths and Skills

Maintenance Skills (3rd Step): See Type Eight’s DIET Strengths and Skills

Thank you for reading Enneagram Type 5 Diet Strengths! Learn more about Power, Action and Maintenance Skills…here

Scott Harrington D.O.