Personalized diet tips based on the Enneagram of Personality

Proven Personalized Diet Tips

Here are the proven diet tips and weight loss strategies for each Enneagram Type.

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Diet Tips For Each Enneagram Type

Type 1: Conscientious Types

• Track and monitor progress for effective weight loss

• Diet Tips and Skills: Self-Monitoring, Uncensored Journaling, and Cognitive Restructuring

Type 2: Empathetic Types

• Join fitness programs and coach others

• Diet Tips and Strategy: Social Support, Coaching, and Label Saboteurs

Type 3: Ambitious Types

• Visualize, and prioritize their goals

• Diet Tips and Strategy: Naming Purpose and Strength (Mission Statements), S.M.A.R.T. Goals


Type 4: Creative Types

• Use rituals and control their surroundings to stay healthy

• Diet Tips and Strategy: EE: Environmental Engineering and RRR: Routines, Rituals and Reminders

Type 5: Intellectual Types

• Research and experiment to find out what works best

• Diet Tips and Strategy: Raise Awareness, Decision Matrix and Skill Mastery

Type 6: Vigilant Types

• Are dutiful and versed at meal planning and regular exercise

• Diet Tips and Strategy: Problem Solving (Identify, Brainstorm, Make Changes, Monitor, Coaching)

Type 7: Versatile Types

• Use fun, spontaneity, and variety to keep themselves motivated

• Diet Tips and Strategy: Pleasure and Pain Principle, Focus-Power vs. Willpower (Distraction, Avoidance, and Reframing)

Type 8: Aggressive types

• Attack issues directly and avoid procrastination

• Diet Tips and Strategy: Assertiveness, Channel Your Anger Positively, Gamify Your Weight

Type 9: Merging Types

• Are easily motivated by others’ fitness programs

• Diet Tips and Strategy: Launch Into Health (Realistic Expectations, Fitness Partner, Contracting), Process Focus, Mind/Body Relaxation

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Dr. Scott Mark Harrington D.O.